Adult Studies

Bibles & Brews

We come together to share in God’s Gifts, Scripture, Drinks, and each other!

We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at Ginopolis in Farmington Hills on the northwest corner of 12 Mile and Middlebelt Roads. are welcome, and alcohol is not required. Please call the office to let Pastor know if you are interested in coming, so enough seats are reserved.

School Year Sundays

Class structure
• From 10:30-11:00, enjoy fellowship at the Coffee Nook in the Narthex
• At 10:55, move into room 7 (September-April) Class begins at 11:00
• We close in prayer by Noon

Who is welcome?
Everyone! No particular Bible knowledge is necessary. These lessons are more about having important conversations as they relate to our faith than they are about sitting down and getting taught something by a teacher (although learning is inevitable!).