Confirmation classes at Antioch meet on Sunday evenings each week.
If you have a confirmation aged child and would like more information, please call the office.
Confirmation students attend a week of camp together at Stony Lake in the summer.

Class Structure

Class structure and information
• Pastor teaches the confirmation classes on Sunday evenings. Dinner is part of our program.
• Each class is devoted to a major theme in our faith. This could be the Gospels, faith, prayer, world religions, and more. Discussions, Bible study, and hands on activities are all part of teaching and learning.
• There is a chance for students to meet with their guide and discuss highs and lows, continue class conversation, and plan service or social activities


Confirmation Class Schedule
Confirmads meet with pastor and guide for class Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm

A schedule showing exact dates which account for school breaks is provided.


Guides are parents or grandparents who attend Confirmation class with the youth. Guides also help organize various social and community service events each month.

We ask each family to provide a meal at least twice in the year. This does not have to be involved; pizza is fine!