Antioch Library – Info

It is the purpose of this library to acquire and make available to the children and adults of our congregation Christian oriented books and material to help inspire, comfort and affirm our faith.

Library Rules:
1. The library will be open during regular church hours.
2. Books may only be checked out during library hours.
3. Place all materials back to their original places after use.
4. Bring books back after two weeks.
5. Return materials in the same condition you found them.
6. Report any damaged materials to the church office.
7. Keep conversations quiet and to a minimum.
8. Consume food or beverages carefully.
9. Keep the space clean for all to use.
10. Tell others about the books you read!

How to Check Out an Item:
1. On a new line in the checkout binder, clearly write your name, title and author, date of checkout, and email address (or phone number if you do not have email).
2. Stamp due date on book card. This is for you to remember when to return the book. Remember, you can keep the book for 2 weeks!
3. Enjoy your item!
4. When you return an item, simply place it on the RETURN cart.
5. Please do not check out materials marked “Reference”

Book Catalog